COLLATOR's activities are primarily based on the key personnel and the support of gifted engineers with which we are regularly connected, as per the emerging needs of operations.

COLLATOR operations are characterized by the following modes:
  1. Turn-key projects - We are set to lead a full scale project, from preliminary design up to flight tests / proof of concept, depending on the availability of predetermined personnel, required for the specific task.
    The project may be conducted in the customer's facility as deemed appropriate.

  2. Project support - We undertake specific consulting activities in any of our fields of expertise, on an hourly basis, adapting our operations and tools to the needs of the customer.

  3. Modular work package - We carry out this mode of operation according to the customer SOW, with a careful attention to the timetable without compromising the standards and quality of work. In this mode we generally use a fixed price based contract.

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